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    2. Welcome to Zibo Xubei Chemical Co., Ltd Website!
      Zinc Borate

      Zinc Borate >>

      Zinc Borate is one environmental-friendly ...
      Aluminum Hydroxide

      Aluminum Hydroxide >>

      luminum hydroxide is the most consumable ...
      Polyaluminum Chloride

      Polyaluminum Chloride >>

      aluminium polychlorid...

      Zibo Xubei Chemical Co.,Ltd is a private enterprise which produces professional environmental flame retardants, rubber additives and purified agent. It has established for more than ten years, and covers an area of 20 acres, construction of 30 acres. The company is located in Zibo, Shandong province, which is only 300km away from Qingdao Port, and is close to Yaoqiang Airport, Jinan. At present, the company commands 120 employ…

      • Tel: 86-533-8217855
      • Fax: 86-533-8215855
      • contact: Irene
      • Email: xubeichem@vip.163.com
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